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It’s not?

Praise is not pudding.”

Brother or Sister?

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Primate of Cimmura

A quick rush and a single thrust would remove this filthy infection from Elenia once and for all. For a moment the life of the Primate of Cimmura hung in the balance as Sparhawk, for the first time in his life, contemplated the deliberate murder of an unarmed man. “


A rolling stone is worth two in the bush, tkahns to this article.”

That is NOT nice.

"to me was in 8 grade.It was in ♫ class,i knew no one,and was the outcast.Going off to the cetpumor lab and of course he stands from his seat yelling at the teacher to sit somewhere else,the teacher says no that’s where he must sit.Yelling, staring at me Re-tart,fag,bitch,stupid Teacher takes him out to talk to him,he comes back stares at me.Reading what i’m typing he criticizes my mistakes.By the end of the year he tried to be nice to me,i ignored him"

Kick it!

"Kick the tires and light the fires, problem officially sloevd!"

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How do you convince a friend you aren’t a vampire without actually going out in the sun or coming into contact with garlic?
Bleed in front of her maybe? Would that be enough?
I already showed her I have a heartbeat. 

How blind.

I recently went into a sun bed shop that was extremely unhygienic.

I wanted to use the loo before going on the sunbed. As soon as I stepped into the loo I stepped into a large puddle of urine which was all over the floor of the toilet. I was not best pleased as I was wearing a pair of brand new ugg boots which I had only purchased the day previous to this! They got soaked in someone’s urine. What appeared to be the blind in the loo had a huge brown stain across it and mould growing on it, it was growing on the actual blind! There was nothing to wash or dry your hands with. I couldn’t even guess the last time the loo or sink was cleaned. Needless to say, I attempted to make a hasty retreat from the loo, or tried to as I was locked in. I banged on the door, shouted for approximately ten minutes whilst standing in the unavoidable pool of urine on the floor. When your looked in a filthy loo standing in someone’s urine It seemed like longer than ten minutes as you can imagine! I had to throw myself at the door and it finally opened. Not one member of staff had heard me.
I was not warned about the door which is an obvious problem with the toilet. I was disgusted by this point but had to use my last ten minutes on the bed as it was the last of my tanning sessions. So with my new £180 Ugg boots soaked in urine, i walked or more so, squelched my way through the shop into the cubicle of the lay down bed.
The tanning shop worker, had wiped the bed which is one good thing. Perhaps I wouldn’t have noticed so much if it hadn’t have been for the bathroom, but there was a bottle of oil on the shelf in the cubicle, which had several hairs stuck on it. I hope you don’t find me rude when i say, they appeared to be someone’s pubic hairs. Of course, I stayed away from the oil! And laid on the bed for my tanning session. The sunbed top, had obviously never been cleaned, it was filthy with dust and grime, and had peoples hand prints on it. The floor was dirty too, with dirt from peoples from shoes and probably now someone’s urine from my Ugg boots. When I left the shop, the member of staff who was there was no where to be seen, so I could not tell her about any of my “findings” and by then I just wanted to get home and have a shower!
I have written to the director of the tanning shop I visited, but as yet have not received a response. This was well over two months ago. I would like to take this complaint to either the health and safety authority or the environmental agency. I am not sure which, or how to go further with this complaint. Who should I contact? Which government body could help me?


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